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We Teach Your Body To Treat Itself

Blu Angels Wellness Program

Your Well Being Matters


Standard Program

(Single Session)

For clients who would like to have

 one session a month.

60 Minute Session $90

90 Minute Session $119


Exclusive Program

(Two Sessions)

For clients who'd like to have two

 sessions a month.

60 Minute Sessions $169

90 Minute Sessions $229


Extended Exclusive Program

(Three to Four Sessions)

For clients who would like to receive

 up to four sessions a month.

60 Minute Sessions $359

90 Minute Sessions $449

If you'd like to start your program with out any add-ons, select your choice above and then fill out your Wellness Program Form by clicking the link below.. Thank you for you time and consideration and welcome aboard!

Add-On Menu

Enhance your massage experience by adding on any of the add-ons available.

Face Massage

Complete with Hot Towels to soften face muscles, Aromatherapy to relax, Face Cups to depressurize the sinus cavity and Cold Stones to stimulate the nerves. Great for those with Sinus Inflammation


Hot Stones

Helps to reduce and manage stress. Improves blood circulation and flow of energy. Relieves muscle spasm, pain, tension and improve the muscle relaxation.


Detox Blanket

10 Minutes in a 70 degree blanket is the equivalent of an hour of jogging, 30 minutes of swimming and yoga and burning 3000 calories. Leave the toxins that were released on the table.


Deep Tissue/Sports

Breaks up scar tissue and makes movement easier. Reduces arthritis symptoms. Rehabilitates injured muscles and reduces pain.



Enhance your massage with Hot Stones, Face/Scalp Massage and Stretching taking your massage to the next level.


Ultimate Detox

Hot Stones, Face/Scalp Massage, Stretching and the Detox Blanket


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