Single Massage Services

For those that just want to pre-pay and schedule a single appointment.

Not for members.


All massages that are purchased are good for 4 months after request confirmation has been confirmed.

30 Min Massage                  $40
            For those that want to focus on one specific area.

Swedish Massage/              $100/ $150

Deep Tissue

              60 or 90 Minutes of relaxation or deep tissue massage using a hot towel, basic Swedish or Deep Tissue techniques and light stretching.

Face, Hands, and Feet        $45
                (45 Mins)
             Focusing on the pressure points to relieve headaches or sinus congestion.

Back, Neck, and Shoulders  $55                  
                                 (45 Mins)

 Back, Neck, and Shoulder focus to alleviate the tension, stiffness and soreness that occurs from the day to day wear and tear.

Prenatal Massage                  $75

60 Minute Massage focusing on easing the tension in the neck, back, shoulders and hips that happens in pregnancy. (*For 2nd and 3rd trimester only)

Trigger Point Therapy          $90/120
                 (60 / 90 Minutes)

Identifies and works very specific points of the body…specifically, those locations where the pain occurs to provide the best method of treatment for the pain
Sports Massage                    $95/125
                 (60/90 Minutes)           

Cleans out scar tissue and adhesions in muscles

Treats the most common and painful sports injuries (overuse injuries)

Treats joint conditions

Improve overall performance with proper muscle movement and function