Single Massage Services

For those that just want to pre-pay and schedule a single appointment.

Not for members.


All massages that are purchased are good for 4 months after request confirmation has been confirmed.

30 Min Massage                  $40
            For those that want to focus on one specific area.

Swedish Massage/              $100/ $150

Deep Tissue

              60 or 90 Minutes of relaxation or deep tissue massage using a hot towel, basic Swedish or Deep Tissue techniques and light stretching.

Face, Hands, and Feet        $45
                (45 Mins)
             Focusing on the pressure points to relieve headaches or sinus congestion.

Back, Neck, and Shoulders  $55                  
                                 (45 Mins)

 Back, Neck, and Shoulder focus to alleviate the tension, stiffness and soreness that occurs from the day to day wear and tear.

Prenatal Massage                  $75

60 Minute Massage focusing on easing the tension in the neck, back, shoulders and hips that happens in pregnancy. (*For 2nd and 3rd trimester only)

Trigger Point Therapy          $90/120
                 (60 / 90 Minutes)

Identifies and works very specific points of the body…specifically, those locations where the pain occurs to provide the best method of treatment for the pain
Sports Massage                    $95/125
                 (60/90 Minutes)           

Cleans out scar tissue and adhesions in muscles

Treats the most common and painful sports injuries (overuse injuries)

Treats joint conditions

Improve overall performance with proper muscle movement and function

Active Release Therapy        $135
90 Minutes

Uses hot and cold therapy, stretching, active resistive therapy and muscle and joint ache oil to help release muscles from their contracted state.