60 Minute Massage Packages

90 Minute Massage Packages


60 Minute Hot Stones Massages 


(save $45)

How are Hot Stone good for your body?

Hot Stone Massage is deeply detoxifying and profoundly relaxing. By combining massage with hot stones, the circulatory system is both stimulated and relaxed. This circulatory activity promotes the release of toxins from the muscles, assisting the body in self-healing. In addition, tense muscles are also softened and eased by the deeply penetrating heat of the stones.


90 Minute Massages w/Hot Stones


(save $60)


60 Minute Sports Massage


(save $10)

Sports Massage

produces overwhelming benefits for athletes physically, physiologically, and psychologically. Sports massage is designed to prepare the athlete for their best performance, reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling and tension.


90 Minute Active Therapy


(save $65)

Looking for relief from muscle aches and pains? 

Active Therapy is a great choice to consider. 

Active Therapy increases the lasting effects of your massage, allowing your muscles to detoxify and mend. Your body will appreciate the results.


60 Minute Massages with Exfoliating Pain Relief Salt Scrub


(save $50)

Great for those who simply want to relax and get relief of tension, soreness, or stiffness in their feet.


Ultimate Rejuvenation Sessions



Want to receive the Ultimate Pampering Experience?

Enjoy a 90 minute massage that includes Hot Stones, Aromatherapy Face Massage, Salt or Sugar Foot Scrub and stretching.

You won't regret it!!

Face, Hands, and Feet

Back, Neck, Shoulders

4 Sessions


Face, Hands and Feet

(45 Mins each)


Great for those who just want to focus on getting relief  of muscle tension and stiffness. This is also great for those who deal with chronic muscle pain or arthritis. 


Back, Neck and Shoulder Sessions

(45 mins each)


Chronic tension in the upper body?

Tightness of the neck muscles, reduce this fluid circulation, causing fatigue, headaches, poor concentration and memory, etc. Neck massage relieves the stiffness and improves the brain's functions.


Face, Hands, and Feet Sessions

w/ Sugar Scrub

(45 mins each)


Add a Sugar Foot Scrub to enhance your massage a little more.

Nothing like having a little sugar to sweeten up your day.


Back, Neck, and Shoulders Sessions

w/ Hot Stones

(45 Mins each)


Heat up your massage even more with Hot Stones to further the ease of upper back, neck, and shoulder tension.

*Once Massage Package is purchased we encourage you to choose below and schedule accordingly.. Each Massage Package purchased has a 6 month life span from the day of your first scheduled massage session. If a massage is missed without appropriate notification, you as the client will have forfeited the right to that massage.